Anonymous sent: oh man 'allies' can be the worst but how do you deal w/ them when they don't understand??? ? they are wrong?/?? ? I have enough to deal with without trying to keep them from doing stupid shit

i just don’t deal with them at all

you want to know what a cool LGBT ally is

an average person who just accepts you for who you are and doesn’t have to mention it a billion times to remind people about how great of a person they are for being so accepting

anyone who does that is a person you don’t need to be associated with and they’ll eventually realize that they’re doing something wrong

and if they don’t

well then there’s people like ryan murphy in the world to continue to make them feel better about throwing gay people into little tiny stereotypical boxes

  1. octopusinspace said: I wish someone would explain this to Lady Gaga. I feel guilty for often enjoying her music because she’s such a horrific example of an “ally”.
  2. faerieclara said: but juan what about the ‘I AM A GOOD PERSON’ cookies?
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