Alright, I guess I’m going to give another Korine flick a shot tonight and that’s Mister Lonely because Samantha Morton looks lovely like Monroe and it’s got Herzog, Lavant, and Carax in it.

  1. santaclouse said: I really want to see that just of the latter 3. You know he only made Gummo because he wanted to work with the cinematographer of Lovers on the Bridge, and just happened to run into his agent (I’m not making a judgment of Gummo here but it’s cool imo
  2. drbathroom said: It’s an interesting watch. I can’t 100% remember all that happened but you can barely ever go wrong with herzogg
  3. octopusinspace said: Someone I’m friends with on Facebook is, simultaneously with your liveblogging, posting about how everyone should watch Korine’s films.
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