Movies Watched in 2012 - David Lynch Short Film Edition (Part I)!

194. The Alphabet (1968)

Did I understand it? Nope. Was it fascinating for a short film under four minutes? Totally. [4/5]

195. The Grandmother (1970)

Sometimes I wonder if the video for The Ring actually does exist out there and if David Lynch is the one that created it. With every feature and short of his I watch, I find myself more and more curious to know what truly goes on in the mind of a man like him and yet more and more hesitant to ever want to find out the answer to that. This half-hour short is a surreal nightmare from the sixties and a great little experimental horror piece that works as the perfect intro to Lynch’s early career. Anyone who has seen Eraserhead will see just a lot of what Lynch would soon transform into that feature in this short and it’s pretty interesting to watch. [4/5]

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