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Acting was actually good for MTV, but Im very conflicted about the plot. From what I understand one girl is actually a lesbian so theres potential for them to make it alright, but as of now it’s equal to two straight girls kissing to attract boys.

i mean yeah from what i’ve read from multiple outlets it’s actually a lesbian (or bisexual?? not sure???) girl who is in love with her straight best friend??? idk i cannot confirm this until i watch

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the one person i know who watched it is queer and actually enjoyed it a lot, that’s all i can say about it really

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Actually the worst.

contrasting opinions and i’m 99% sure i’m going to love it because it looks so gay and darren stein-lite sans extreme cattiness

and also i’m kind of in love with michael j willett between united states of tara and gbf

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that movie was so much fun to watch and ari graynor is a goddess.

that movie was my everything last year i saw it like four times in one week

so did anyone watch faking it??? because if so, how good/bad was it???

nobody told me ari graynor was starring in a new television series and i’m so offended at all of you because of how much i loved for a good time, call…

Sasaji Masanori - EVANGELION Piano Forte (38)

i was going to watch nge episodes tonight but i should probably sleep instead

one of these days i’ll convince everyone to watch regular show and they’ll be better people for it

Komm, süsser Tod
Arianne, Nakanishi Yasuharu - EVANGELION Piano Forte (56)

Komm, süsser Tod - Arianne & Nakanishi Yasuharu